“The muleteer Ramiro, with the look and strength of the bull, of baritone Raoul Steffani comes rather across as charming than as embarrassed. He is even touching in the aria “Voilà ce que j’appelle une femme charmante.”

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Trouw  ****  (Peter van der Lint)

“Steffani is an exceptional talent who already won many prizes. His pleasant voice is an enjoyable mix of dark and nasal sounds with a well-varied vowel formation.”

“Everything can be understood word for word and radiates pure pleasure of singing.”

“An extraordinary debut!”

De Volkskrant  ****  (B. Luttmer)

“Steffani is a remarkable singer with an excellent diction and a natural sound, able to communicate an emotion astonishingly convincible.”

Opera Magazine  (Jordi Kooiman)

“Raoul Steffani records an impressive CD debut.”

“It’s a remarkable record, exceptionally sophisticated and matured for such a young singer.”

“Steffani’s Swedish pronunciation in Sibelius’ songs is impeccable. Every single word stands out.”

“Steffani’s disciplined, poignant interpretation promises a great future. What can we expect in the years to come from a singer already so matured and developed?”

Opus Klassiek

“Steffani not only excels in vocal technique, but is also a great singer from a stylistic point of view.”

“Steffani is great in expressive details, the flawless creation of mood images, nuances in the colouring of his voice, and lighting up the strongly changing evocations that the song repertoire is so rich in. In doing so, he apparently effortlessly touches the heart of every song, puts it in its own light, but – it is an art in itself – without affecting its idiomatic character.”

“The very positive impression is completed with perfect diction and pronunciation (no sinecure when it comes to the songs of Sibelius). Without a doubt, this is great song art.”

Stretto – Magazine for Art, History and Music

“This CD, together with his famous accompanist, pianist Gerold Huber, is his subtle, striking and moving debut on Challenge Classics.”

“A must for lovers of intimate poetry and recommended for anyone who loves the expressive possibilities of the human voice. A lovely CD.”

“Raoul Steffani has a wonderfully light but also clear baritone voice. He sings the songs exceptionally expressive and his singing is coloured harmoniously by his accompanist at the piano.”

Klassiek Centraal ****

“The fact that Gerold Huber (the regular pianist of now renowned lieder singers like Christian Gerhaher) as a pianist joins the young singer can, in any case, be considered as a guarantee that we will be dealing with a talent for the delicate song genre.”

“The song program on this new Challenge Classics CD means to me the discovery of a beautiful baritone voice and at the same time a strong personality for the genre.”

American Record Guide

“…this is all first-rate, refined singing with lucid diction, elegant technique, and a palpable affinity for what he is singing.”  “This is an exceptionally fine debut recording for an already well-developed singer.”


“Steffani singt frisch und textdeutlich, interpretiert sensibel, aus einer klugen Mauerschau-Distanz heraus.” 

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