Press review

Press CD "Deep in a dream"

Raoul Steffani, baritone - Gerold Huber, piano


De Telegraaf

"The 26-year-old baritone Raoul Steffani releases a remarkable debut album this month, along with the highly desired pianist Gerold Huber. Schumann, Grieg, Sibelius and Berg form a fresh unity on Deep in a dream."


Volkskrant ****  (Biella Luttmer)

"Steffani is a remarkable singer with an excellent diction and a natural sound, able to communicate an emotion astonishingly convincible."


Trouw  ****  (Peter van der Lint)

"Steffani is an exceptional talent that has won many prizes. His pleasant sound is a beautiful mix of dark and nasal with a nice varied vowel formation. Everything is intelligible word for word and the pure singing pleasure!"


Opera Magazine

"Raoul Steffani impresses with his debut-cd!"

"It is a surprising record, exceptionally refined and ripe for such a young singer."


Stretto Magazine (Belgium)

"Raoul Steffani has a wonderfully light but also clear baritone voice. He sings the songs very expressively and his singing is supplemented by his accompanist at the piano ... A must for lovers of the intimate poetry and a must for anyone who loves the expressive possibilities of the human voice.”


Klassiek Centraal (Belgium) ****

"The program on this new Challenge Classics CD means to me the discovery of a beautiful baritone voice and at the same time a strong personality for the genre."




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